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The ground floor -for enjoying your life

We support your life more conveniently by offering low and reasonable prices.
Japanese style glasses, Western style glasses, lacquered Japan-ware, pots, cookware, electrical products, flower vases, towels, mats, bags, aprons, home ware, etc.

Introduction of the ground floor

Chawan (rice bowls), yunomi (Japanese teacups), chopsticks, dishes, soup bowls, etc.
Japanese style dishes: Arita Ware, Mino Ware, etc.
We have a lot of kinds of dishes which are washable in a dishwasher and usable in a microwave.
You can combine a pair of chawan or yunomi as you like.

Chawan: more than 350 varieties.
Yunomi: more than 200 varieties.
Chopsticks: more than 230 varieties.
Japanese style dishes, Noodle bowls: more than 430 varieties.
Soup bowls: more than 50 varieties.
Western style dishes, Mugs
Western style dishes, mugs
We have a variety of new designs.
Western style dishes: more than 300 varieties.
Mugs: more than 200 varieties.

We give 60-80% discounts on white dishes for business use which are dealt directly from the maker; the prices are as low as an outlet store's.

Lunch boxes, canteens
more than 200 varieties counting both men's and women's.
We have many thermal lunch boxes and Japanese style two-stage lunch boxes.
Wineglasses, Tumblers
more than 210 varieties.
Wineglasses, tumblers: more than 210 varieties.
We have a lot of foriegn-made products which are made in such places as Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, USA, etc, and Japanese-made products which are made by Toyo-Sasaki, ADERIA, etc.
Pots, Frying pans
more than 160 varieties.
We have an assortment of pans or frying pans for IH, or induction cooking, such as Vita Craft, Fissler, T-fal, etc.
And we have all items of GEO-Products.

Pots: pressure cookers, steaming pots, boiling pots, tempura pots, etc: more than 160 varieties.

Frying pans: frying pans, egg fryers: more than 75 varieties.
Please ask us about them at the store.
Towels, bags, mats, handkerchiefs
We have a lot of kind of them; for example Yokohama-nana, Feiler, etc.
Aprons, Bags
We have a lot of bargain goods: aprons-1,000yen, bags-1,000yen, umbrellas-1,000yen, etc
Rainbow Bear, Imported Toys
They are really popular for baby-shower gifts or gifts for close relatives or friends.
They are made of untwisted thread, which is gentle for baby's skin.
These are Japanese-made products.
Slippers, Sandals
We have a variety of them for room use, which start 380yen.