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the summit of the beauty

We offer you the best qualities and true joys.
Okura Art China, Kiyomizu Ware, Kagami Crystal, Baccart, Meissen Porcelain, WEDGWOOD, LLADRO, Glass art, etc.

Introduction of the 3rd floor

Okura Art China
Founded in 1919, Okura Art China has since created various products, which have been appreciated by Japanese people as the country's finest tableware.
Okura Art China is a purveyor to the Imperial Household, and their tableware has gotten favorable and excellent reception, their tableware sets are used in the Japan Government Guesthouse. Their superior white, hard and smooth tableware has no equal.
We have a collection of their tableware and we can find them in our maker catalogs.
Kiyomizu Ware
Kiyomizu Ware could be called one of Japan's foremost traditional rural crafts which was cultivated in Kyoto and which has splendid and delicate taste.
And it's a total fusion of traditional technique and contemporary sense. We have a variety of them at reasonable prices.
Baccarat is a world-wide famous maker. Their Crystal glasses are made of full-lead crystal which contains a minimum of 30% lead oxide.
In 1734, King Louis XV of France gave permission to found a glasswork's factory in the town of Baccarat in the Lorraine region of eastern France. It has become one of the most admired makers.
We offer Baccarat products to you 20-30 percent off because we buy them from the importer.
LLADRO is one of the most popular brands in Spain. It mainly makes figurines.
We're a regular dealer of LLADRO. We can find them in our maker catalogs.