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The 2nd floor -for enriching your life

We have a lot of good items of quality which will enrich your life.
Mutsumi-zoroe, Yunomi-zoroe, Lacquered japan-ware, Cups and sarcers, Facetted glasses, Crystal glasses, Lamps, Furniture, Umbrella stans, Mirrors, Interior goods, etc.

Introduction of the 2nd floor

Japanese style dishes
We have an array of yunomi (Japanese teacups), chawan (rice bowls), dishes, hachi (bowls), etc.
There are a lot of ones for home use, for your guests, and for gifts.
Cups and saucers
Noritake, NARUMI, NIKKO: Cup and saucer sets.
WEDGWOOD, Aynsley: Special cup and saucer set.
We have an assortment of them for gifts or presents given to guests at a wedding reception.
Lacquered japan-ware
We have a collection of higher-class lacquered Japan-ware on the second floor than on the ground floor.
Chopsticks: more than 150 varieties.
Chataku (saucers for a Japanese teacup): We have a lot of chataku so you can find some that suit your yunomi (Japanese teacups).
Jyu-bako (multi-tiered Japanese food boxes), Obon (Japanese tea trays) : We have a collection of valuable ones.
We have numerous Kiriko-glasses, tumblers, etc, which are designed excellently. Wine glasse gift sets get good reviews. We also have crystal vases which are made in Japan or Bohemia.
Umbrella stands
We have many Umbrella stands: Shigaraki Ware, imported ones (Italy, Belgium, etc).
Iron ones made are very popular, because they aren't breakable.
You can also use them like flower pots so please buy them with artificial flowers.
We have lamps which are made in the manner of Galle or made of stained glass, at half of the regular price; they are a special offer. They are selected not for home use, but for gifts.
One of these lamps will make the atmosphere of your room gorgeous.
Cosmetics, Sewing boxes
We have a lot of them for bride's outfit or daily use, etc. We have more than 40 varieties which get favorable reception from all ages.
Why don't you look for your favorite jewelry while you wait for checkout; we have a lot of kinds of jewelry by the checkout counters.
Furniture, Mirrors
We have an array of Japanese furniture and Western furniture which isn't sold in other furniture stores at bargain-basement rates.
We have numerous imported mirrors on the second floor and the third floor.
We hope that you always say ''If you want to buy a good mirror, go to Ko-ma".